ArtFusion Copenhagen is a Copenhagen-based womenswear brand, launched in 2018 by Louise and Jesper Autrup Vinkel

ArtFusion Copenhagen is based on the idea to bring art, fashion and sustainability together in one brand. We simply offer original fashion with a sustainable approach.

Every collection is developed from handmade sketches and paintings. Our unique printline gives each collection it´s own expression and substance.    

"Being creative is deeply rooted in my nature, it´s who I am. Whether I am painting, or drawing a sketch for a dress, it´s always from a creative mind and heart."  

-Louise Autrup Vinkel

We strive to create simple, but original collections that transcend seasons and aims to surprise, inspire and compliment your personal style. Our garments are made with pride for the curious and quality minded woman. 

Sustainability is a natural part of ArtFusion. It is vital for us, that the products we make, not only aim to be beautiful, but is a small step towards a better future.

A future, where we care for the environment and stand together against overproduction and mass consumerism. 

We do order-on-demand production and in addition produce a very limited stock, for direct sales in our webshop. This way we can target our production and minimize waste and overconsumption. 

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