ArtFusion Copenhagen is a contemporary fashion brand, based in

Copenhagen and founded by Jesper and Louise Autrup Vinkel in 2018.

ArtFusion Copenhagen is essentially an expression of art through fashion.

An aesthetic universe, where we strive to create simple, but original collections.

Collections that transcend seasons and aims to surprise, inspire

and compliment your personal style.

Every collection is based on original artworks, giving each collection it´s

own direction and substanse.

The ArtFusion personality is feminine, with a bit of an edge, some sporty

vibes and a lot of love.

Sustainability is a natural part of ArtFusion.

It is vital for us, that the products we make, not only aim to be beautiful

but is a small step towards a better world. Where we care for the

environment and the people that make our clothes.

Our vision is to create slow fashion and be a positive influence

in the industry as well as our society.

Using high quality and sustainable fabrics, our garments are meant

to last season after season.