Spring Summer 2020

I dream of you in both worlds // in pieces // in parts  

in all things around me // following the tracks // in blind deep 

longing // with my arms full of memories

I have a long lasting love for art and fashion

Whether I am making a painting or drawing a sketch for a dress, 

icomes from the same creative urge, a desire to express myself. 

For me, both art and fashion is about telling a story, a way to 

communicate with your surroundings, and has the potentiel to 

transform you and the way you see the world. 

Our wardrobes are filled with so many personal memories and dreams. 

A magical place of transformation. Just as art is. A good artwork leaves

room for the viewer, an entrance you can disappear into. An entrance to 

stories, life and the present time.

Louise Autrup Vinkel, creative director